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Bonjourno people of the interweb👋🏼

Apologies for the delay in posts recently, I would say I’ve been really busy, but that would be a lie. I’ve just been a bit ill and uninspired🙈

However, am back now! It’s a new week, and also my last week at uni before Easter. Which means I’m pretty much penniless😁 But, also ready for a couple of cheeky nights out this week before returning to my boring, yet cute home county of SURRAAY.

Anyway… I thought I would bless you with a few of my favourite food swaps, in order to keep you on track and feeling healthy on the run up to summma👌🏽🍇🍉😍

  1. SWAP DEM FRENCH FRIES for some SWEET POTATO FRIES 👉🏼 Sweet potato is a great source of Vitamin A, B, C and D! They contain iron – which helps your immune system, magnesium – the relaxation and anti – stress mineral, and potassium – which helps to regulate your heart! Their natural sugars help to keep cravings bay, and keep your energy up. Not only that, they’re delicious & cheap 😋
  2. SWAP GRANOLA FOR PORRIDGE 👉🏼 What a lot of people don’t realise is that most granola’s sold in the supermarket, contain huge amounts of sugar and saturate fat. For instance, one serving of Jordan’s Super Nutty granola contains more fat than a McDonald’s bacon muffin😳 However, with porridge, this is  just your simple, low fat oatmeal. So, you can choose what you want to add, rather than being unaware of all the secret sweeteners!
  3. SWAP SUGAR FOR STEVIA 👉🏼 Everyone knows that too much sugar is never a good thing. Some dangers include raising blood sugar level, obesity and even causing cancer. So, it important to keep sugar intake low. The NHS suggests on average, 70g for men and 50g for women. A benefit of making the swap from sugar to stevia, is that stevia has no calories, no sugar or carbohydrates and has a glycemic index of 0. However, keep in mind that too much can make you feel nauseous!
  4. SWAP SPAGHETTI FOR ZUCCHINI PASTA 👉🏼  Although I believe carbohydrates are crucial to a healthy, active lifestyle; there may be times when you don’t want a carb heavy meal or are just trying to cut down on carbs/ carb cycle🍌 This is where vegetable based alternatives are great, and also good for those who are gluten free! Zucchini pasta can be bought in many of the major supermarkets, like tesco and sainsburys. It’s great for pasta lovers, and is the closest to tasting like the real thing. It’s also super quick and easy!
  5. SWAP CROUTONS FOR NUTS 👉🏼 It’s very easy to fool yourself into thinking that your home made chicken salad is 100% healthy, but more often than not, it’s probably not as good as you think! This isn’t to say that croutons can’t fit into clean eating, BUT there are ways of getting ahead of the game😈 Through replacing croutons with nuts like almonds, walnuts or cashews, you’re getting in your healthy fats and proteins too! Rather than croutons, which are a refined carbohydrate with 0 protein😟 So eat deeeeeez nuts😸🤓✌🏼️🦄

I hope you found this a little bit helpful and maybe a widdddul bit informative🐒 Have a lovely day and speak soon 😘🌴

Anna xx

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