Vale do loco🐳

Aloha friends,

I’ve just got back from a week away in the heavenly resort of Vale Do Lobo, Portugal.  It was a week away to celebrate my younger sister and her pallies end of exams. So, naturally, I had to tag along for some sun, sea & cocktails. Yaaaaas. 

As I’ve really been getting into photography & taking pretty pics of other countries, I thought I may as well create a little travel section on here! So I’ve decided to upload a few on here! It’s such a pretty & scenic place, perfect for the instagram hehe. It is a bizarre resort in that it is super clean & almost real housewives’esque. In that, something about it doesn’t seem real…

If you ever find yourself there, have a try of the seared sesame tuna salad at the Beach Bar 😛 

Regardless, here are a few snaps of the holiday! I used VSCO cam to add some cheeky filter effects. Hope you enjoy!

I’m off to Thailand next week and cannot wait to take some amazing photos 💘🌴

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