Autumn fitness and health goals!


Lying in my hotel bed and feeling productive, at 12.34pm Thai time… typical. Could sleep all day, gets to midnight and BOOM IM A NIGHT OWL. Anyway, I’ve never really been someone to think in a logical way. I never write lists, my Iphone calendar is always wrong and I once had a Filofax diary that I chose not to use due to the excuse ‘I don’t have a nice pen’. Sums me up really.

However, I feel like I really want to start setting some goals for myself with regard to my health and training in the gym. I always have the usual ‘get stronger’ ‘squat heavier’ or ‘stick to my macros’ type of thing. But, I feel like I need to go deeper – ass to grass… :/ Ignore that crappy joke… but, I actually need to start getting specific. I’ve chosen to blog this, so that I can look back and either be like ‘Wow Anna congrats you’re actually able to stick to something’, or just be like ‘Seriously Anna why do you do this to yourself?’

I’m going to set just three goals, that’s realistic isn’t it? I don’t know… I’m new to all this organisational stuff!! Anywhoo, lets go…

  1. One month of no processed foods. Just a month. 4 weeks. 28 days. 730.48 hours. That means anything in a packet is a NO NO. No more artificial sweeteners, diet fizzy drinks, chewing gum and painfully, no protein powder (cry). This might seem like a seriously drastic measure, but I just think my body needs it. I rely on substitutes like  aspartame ( in diet fizzy drinks) and sweeteners in protein powder, to the extent that it probably makes up around 70% of my diet and they can actually begin to act like toxins. Obviously this won’t be a permanent thing, but with my recent stomach problems, it will be interesting to see how my body responds! I think I will do this just before uni starts up again! Boy will it be an interesting month, I can just imagine the emotional feels…
  2.  Chill the f*** out about a cheat meal. This might come as a bit of a weird one especially following my first goal, but I think this is important . Since really getting into my health foods and working out, I have admittedly become obsessed with the concept of ‘clean eating’, and can be pretty hard on myself if I even slip up in the slightest. I’d love to start introducing more cheat meals and treats, not just the fortnightly refeed day of 200g extra oats! Although, I do prefer healthy foods over junk food, but I need to realise the occasional full fat hot choc isn’t going to make me become a hot air balloon…
  3. Get my PT qualification and clean up my technique. I feel like this is my soooo crucial for me. I’ve never had a personal trainer, nor have I had someone show me how to use the gym machines or do different exercises. Most of what I know, I’ve learnt through Youtube or instagram. Which is one of the main reasons I started my blog/IG! However, as good as this is, I need & want to know more! I want to be able to not only perform my own exercises correctly and get the most out of great form and technique, but also be able to help others with it too! A future goal is also to get some form of nutritional qualification – I would of loved to of done this at Uni, but science wasn’t quite my forte at A level…. I was a bit mentally challenged with it I won’t lie :’)

Ahhhh well, there we go. Some goals to hopefully achieve before 2016 is over. The fastest & most fun year of my life!!
Adios for now kids,

Anna xxx




  1. October 14, 2016 / 2:50 am

    Your goals sound fantastic! It can be hard starting out for sure…but I really like how you are cutting out processed foods and for a whole month! I feel like I need to have more knowledge on food before I can completely cut out processed foods. So what kind of foods are you eating? What is your meal plan like? Sorry I am just looking for ideas:)

    • October 25, 2016 / 2:15 pm

      Hi hun! Thanks so much! Have a look at my – sooo much about my meal plans and food! xxx

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