My Favourite Pre & Post Workout Snacks

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I thought I’d write a dishy post on my favourite pre and post workout snacks. The foods you eat around your gym session can make a difference not only to gaining muscle and strength, but also how you train. I personally find it very difficult to weight train on an empty stomach, but also find it uncomfortable when full! Finding a balance is important, as no one wants any fainting or unexpected outcomes…


The food you eat before working out is like putting ze petrol in ze car. Your body is the car. It needs fuel in order to perform top, ferrari quality. Hehe.

I like to make sure I have a snack with a mix of mostly clean, slow digesting carbohydrates (around 25g worth) as well as a little bit of protein for muscle building. I’ll eat my pre workout snack around 1 hour before exercising. However, this can differ depending upon your metabolic rate!

I don’t like to include fats in my pre workout meal/snack, as I find this can sometimes make me feel sluggish during my gym sesh!


  • Chocco oaty protein shake – 25g chocolate protein powder, 25g oats, 150ml almond milk, water and ice. Blend up in smoothie maker / nutribullet and drink up! Perfecto combo of proteeeeen and carbys
  • Fruity oats – 40g oats microwaved in water/almond milk for 3 minutes, served up with 2 tsp sweetener / honey, topped with mixed berries
  • Hummus and salsa toasties – 1 slice of wholegrain toast (or any bread!) Simply topped with tomato salsa and 2 tbsp of hummus. I also like to add tomatoes and cucumber for dat mediterranean feel… yanno, makes me feel like I’m on my hollibobs on the island of Sicily. Just kidding…
  • Yoghurt and granola – 200g soya yoghurt, topped with 20g natural granola. I use soya yoghurt, as am a woman of the lactose intol life! But greek / natural would also be great! With the granola, I tend to make my own using oats, dried fruit, sliced almonds and agave nectar- as a lot of shop bought ‘natural’ granola is actually FULL of sugar. Dat is a no no. Treat yo body with respecto.


Right, so now you have trained ze car (your body), you’re feeling alive. Every muscle fibre is ecstatic with wavy, happy vibes. But what do you do now?

Normally after I train I like to have something relatively small that I can eat/drink quickly, that can also be digested quickly. Why? Because I notice better results in my body when I consume my post workout snack closer to my workout. Das just me.

You want to replenish your glycogen stores due to the energy burnt during your workout. So you feel fresh n funky next time you hit the gym up with your god – like bodily presence. Not only this, but you want some insulin so your blood sugar levels don’t rocket…like…um, a rocket? It also helps to increase protein synthesis, and stop protein breakdown, hashtag gains.

Check out for more info on the insulins role on muscle growth, this is literally my bible!

NEXT. GET YOUR AMINO ACIDS. YOU NEED THEM. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Not as dramatic as it sounds, but if you want a DRAMATIC body, then BCAA’S ALL THE WAY BABY. These pretty much give protein synthesis a kick in the big booty, more so than insulin! So think what happens when you combine the two… A MASSIVE BOOOOOOST IN PROTEIN SYNTHESIS. BCAA’s can be taken in powder form, or like a tablet. They’re also a key ingredient in protein powders!


  • The classic protein shake – Can’t really go wrong with a classic. It’s a classic for a reason. 1 scoop of whey/soya/pea/any protein powder. 25g oats, milk. BOOM. I also like to add peanut butter, nuts, mixed berries, cacao for theatrical effect. Why not. I also have a few protein shake ideas in my ‘protein shakes’ category!
  • Protein bar – Granted, these aren’t home made. However, I have actually made some before (look in macro friendly baking category). BUT, I love the Grenade Carb Killa protein bars – chocolate cookue flavour and the MaxiNutrition Promax lean bars in choc mint. Wow. I microwave mine for 30 seconds – honestly beautiful. Microwaved carb killa pictured below!!!
  • Proats – Protein. Oats. Proats. 40g porridge oats, water and 5g coconut oil. Microwave for 3 minutes on high. Mix in 10g honey and 1 scoop of protein. Delish.
  • Banana with nut butter. Simple, yet angelic.
  • Rice/sweet potato with lean meat – More bang for your buck in my opinion! This is my favourite when I’m feeling a snazzy savoury meal. Great nutritional value, and fills me rightttt up.

Hope you enjoyed this post & it gave you a few ideas! I’d love to hear any recipes or snacks that you love too. Woo Hoo.

Lots of love,

Anna xxx

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