Aloha chicas,

All the positive vibes are being pulled from the depths of my soul into this blog, because I am not all there. Whatsoever.

This morning I went to the gym pumped for a legs sesh, all the wavy groovy tingalings going on in my brain. I warmed up on the treadmill, then went to start some squats. First squat down, and I couldn’t get back up. I was stuck. My back has completely shut down on me. I have no clue how, but I managed to get to the changing rooms where I found I couldn’t sit down, walk, breathe or even cry. In my classic hypochondriac way, I thought i was nearing death to be honest. lol.

I found out I’ve probably over stretched my spine / pulled a muscle in my lower back and I’m not able to train for the next week…or more. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. The thought of doing a deadlift actually makes me feel physically sick, but the thought of not being able to work out has a more significant mental effect. Although I am all for rest days and balance, at least on a rest day you have the option of going for a walk. Or if Brad Pitt turned round to you and was like ‘Babe will you train glutes with me today’, you could be like ‘Ahhh yas ok, I’ll have my rest day tomorrow’. I don’t even have the option. Not that the option would ever realistically happen. Why did I say that? Im deluded. Too much ibruprofen…

I know things could be so much worse and I’m most definitely an overthinker / exaggerator from time to time, but I’m also someone who gets so much positivity and good feels from exercise. So, to be told I can’t do something that makes me feel good that’s very frustrating. And so, I’m going to blog about it… Not only for my blog / social media, but also because I refuse to slip into old habits around food and mentality. I want to keep as positive as I can and I NEED TO DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN LIE HERE.

So be ready for lots of content woop.

PS. Any advice would literally make my whole entire life.

Lots of love,

Anna xxx
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