HOW & WHY I track my food? #IIFYM

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I thought I’d do a post on something actually informative, rather than me writing some mindless emotional ramble about life… SOOO, I’m going to hop into all things macro tracking and the reasons behind why I track my food.

I started tracking my macros (IIFYM) back in January this year – where I track the number of grams of fats / proteins and carbs I eat on a daily basis. It’s been my favourite way of tracking food, and probably always will be! Since the age of 13 I’ve always been aware of how much food I’m eating, and sadly it’s something engrained in my brain – like brushing my teeth or falling asleep at night. Most people would see this as an insanely weird way to live, but it keeps me relatively sane… kind of hehe.

Not only this, but I actually find it to be a lot more flexible than other meal plans – I don’t use the word ‘diet’, because it’s NOT a diet. I don’t stick to purely meat and veg – but flexibly fit in various foods according to my ‘daily macros’. These daily macros are adjusted fitting to my goals – lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight. Every single persons macros are different, according to your height, weight, body fat, how much activity your job requires, how much you work out, how long for etc. This is why you see people of ze fitness wurld continually saying ‘Do not copy my macros’, and is why I would personally never give mine out to anyone.

The only issue with tracking macros is that it does mean weighing out your food, or at least starting out with the scales and identifying portion sizes. This may be a lifestyle you wouldn’t enjoy, and could potentially lead to an unhealthy obsession – which is why many tend to go for intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is pretty much tuning in to your body and responding to your natural hunger pangs and signals. It’s ultimately seen as the route to a ‘healthier relationship’ with both your body and food. I have tried this before, however as I am still getting used to what makes me feel and train my best, macro tracking is where I’m at at the mo!

For more info on macro tracking, and whether it would be right for you, click here! –

If you think macro tracking could be the ticket for ya, the next thing you want to do is actually calculate dem macros!! There are so many websites to do this, and don’t be fooled into paying your sweet dollar for them. Unless it’s from a qualified trainer / nutritionist with a tailor made plan. Free websites for this include:

  • (Personal fave)


There are loads more, just have a google! Then, once I have these macros – I use the app ‘MyfitnessPal’ which allows you to edit your ‘goals’ and use it as a food diary!

Hope you found this a little bit helpful and don’t hesitate to message with any questions! Either via Instagram DM @ajhfitness / or email

I am NOT a nutritionist nor a personal trainer, however IIFYM was my lifesaver when it came to losing body fat, building muscle and building a better relationship with food!

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