Personal experience: Health & boozy nights outs


Today’s blog post is a more personal one and something that is annoyingly alwaaays on my mind. Firstly, quick disclaimer! By ‘health’ I don’t mean just physically keeping in shape, but also mental health.

Quick intro – I’m Anna (hence the blog name hehe) I’m 19 years old and in my second year studying BA Sociology at University of Leeds. Hopefully, one day I’ll go into something to do with the media, PR or even ze dramatic arts, but that’s a tale for another day…

This post is going to be quite brutally real and open.If I’m honest, trying to balance a raving, 24/7 sesh,  social life whilst eating clean, training mean, being keen and all of that cliche shiz is tough. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I need to take a leaf out of your book because I am struggling :’)  I love nights out, but I also love staying in. I love sleeping in late, but I also love waking up early. I love watching TV, but I also love going to the gym. I’m basically a huge, human contradiction.

One of my biggest confusions is that I love alcohol, but I hate it more than anything. Without sounding like a member of ‘Leeds Alcoholic Anonymous’, I like how it makes me feel a bit more confident and sassy. If Beyonce started playing in the club, I would happily show my appreciation through physical movements. WOW, I love how I type like a freakin’ weirdo… Anyway, that’s the side of alcohol that my friends get to see, social media sees, you get the drill.

What I hate about alcohol is the side that no one else sees. It sounds dramatic and it’s really not as theatrical as I make it sound – I’ve always been very good at explaining everything with shock factor… What I mean, is the day after. Not just a half a day hangover, but it’s like some weird duvet of social ineptness comes over me. My spatial awareness becomes non existent – I’ve walked into street lamps, bushes and trollies in the supermarket. To be fair, it is quite funny, but also really not. I’ve also always said that if anyone asks me to do anything the day after drinking, I’ll probably do it. It’s like my barrier of thoughts is removed and I’m this little jelly woman to mould. I’m actually writing this the day after a night out, hence the bloody weirdness of it.

My hangovers last about 3-5 days, yep I know, like Amazon standard delivery. Also, I live with a bunch of lovely animals that can drink every night and hit the pub the next day for lunch…… no clue how they do it, appreciation.

The strangest part of my hangovers is that I’m always eager to go workout and eat healthy. I guess that’s a positive yeah?? The only problem is, the workouts are diabolically shocking and I’m normally in a state of little jelly woman, walking into every gym apparatus and looking like a tit.

Someday I’ll make the decision to stop drinking altogether, it is a depressant and does nothing for my emotions…hashtag moody cow…

Right now, I’m not going to stop going out or having a beverage or two… But, to be honest, there’s only so many jelly days I can go stuff I want to do with ma life! Lol Lol Lol. If that’s boring, then we have different ideas of boredom – and that’s ok ๐Ÿ™‚

Love Jelly Woman (new nickname???) xoxox

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