My biggest changes – shapin’ up

Food and exercise diary – October 2014 – aged 17

October 23rd 2014 – 896 kcals eaten & 400 kcals burnt

October 24th 2014 – 756 kcals eaten & 577 kcals burnt

October 25th 2014 – 560 kcals eaten, 6 vodka and diet cokes & 345 kcals burnt’

Food and exercise diary – October 2016 – aged 19



Dearest blog blog bloggy blog,

Different way to start today’s post eyy!?

I accidentally wiped my phone today of all its apps – typical, and so everything was rebooted… but back to 2014?! SO, I took the opportunity for a little Throwback Tuesday and flicked through my old food / exercise diary. And I was SHOCKEDDDD. I knew I was obsessively counting calories, but 560 calories in one day???? How did I do that?

The strangest part of it, is that I was a lot bigger during this time than I am now. Even though I’m eating about 4x the amount. SOO, it got me thinking. There must of been some massive changes I made during the time between here and now?! I’ve never really honestly sat down and thought about it – bizarre considering I have a fitness ‘journey’ Instagram account!

I’vewritten down some of the major diet / exercise changes I’ve made that JUMP out to me! Hopefully you’ll find the interesting too 🙊

1) Toodloo scales ye are not reflective of meh body no more – 

In all seriousness, IGNORE THE BLOODY KGS / LBS / STONES. Before 2016, I was weighing myself morning and night, sometimes even throughout the day – if I weighed more than the day before, then it was less calories to eat that day and more to burn. Silly Anna. A huge change I made was tracking my weight loss through the dreaded before and after photos. Although it’s a bit emotional at first, it’s so much more realistic and rewarding. At first the scales were never changing, but I could see changes in my body!  The number might not change, but your body could be building muscle n burnin’ fat!

2) Proteeeeeeeein – 

Now, I’m not talking protein shakes all day eeryday – but one of the things that jumped out at me with my old food diaries was a lack of protein. I was barely managing 80g a day!  You can be doing all the exercise and eating good, but if your protein levels aren’t high enough, then there won’t be enough fuel for fat burn or preserving lean muscle. Since then I’ve upped my protein to around 1g per 1lb of body weight – and my body loves it and does really well with. PLUS, protein never has to be boring. EVER. It’s really not just chicken and shakes! I’m obsessed with all things protein cookie, bowls, balls (lol) and bars. Check out some of my recipes on the home page – lots of protein based baking! Vegan ones included, woooo – I’m lactose intol!

3) Macros not calories – 

Stopping calorie counting was not only beneficial for my weightloss, but also mentally. I no longer saw food as a number, but as a source of carbs, protein and fat… Not to mention, something to be enjoyed! I’m obsessed with IIFYM – and follow it relatively flexibly. However, I’m not into fitting in foods like sweets and burgers just because it ‘fits my macros’ – I still like to eat a lot of nutritious foods.

Basically – If it fits yo macros all the way baby gal. I speak  more about this on my post here – ‘HOW AND WHY DO I TRACK MY FOOD? #IIFYM’

4)Bulky, micronutrient full meals – 

When trying to lose weight a huge problem for most people, and probably the biggest reason your diet comes to an end is the feeling of hunger. Possibly the worst feeling to ever grace yo boday. 

The best thing I’ve found is bulking up my food. Making huge salad and veggie dense bowls – tomatoes, shredded carrot, spinach, lettuce etc and topping off with a lemon juice dressing and some protein (eg. salmon, chicken, turkey, tuna) – the perfect snack and more bang for your calorie buck! 

An example of one of my favourite micro bulk bowls is this one:

  • Loadsa shredded lettuce
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 10g linseeds
  • 10g pumpkin seeds
  • 60g smoked salmon
  • 100g chicken
  • 15g reduced fat sour cream
  • Lemon juice and malt vinegar

All for about 350 calories 😉 😉

5) Cyaaaa cardio, hiyaaa weights – 

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with cardio ! It’s great for strengthening the heart and lungs, as well as weight loss. But, weight training actually scientifically burns a lot more calories, and actually continues to do so throughout the day and night. Hence, why you may feel  more hungry (and why you may need more food!) This was probably the biggest and most noticeable change I made. 

Websites like (not as daunting as it sounds!), Women’s Health magazines and youtube were my biggest source of info! I love to watch Nikki B, Jazmine Garcia and Sarah’s Day for food / fitness advice. But, there are so many amazing vloggers out there! 

YAS THERE WE GO. HOW EXCITING. RIVETING READ. I hope you found some of this useful! Most of my meals / snacks and workouts are posted on my Fitty Foodie Instagram – @ajhfitness ! Have a looksie if you’re interested <3

Lotsa love and hugs, Anna xxx


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