My Top TEDx Talks To Get Motivated!

Aloha blog,

Writing from the bean bag of my uni kitchen, the day after our neighbours were burgled. The mood isn’t amazing I won’t lie. Plus, it’s a Sunday evening… that Monday feeling is sweeping over. WHAY HAY.

I’m at the point of the year where essay deadlines are around the corner & my motivation levels are pretty diabolical. Soooo, I’ve been taking some time out to listen / watch TEDx talks on Spotify and YouTube. When I’m getting ready, showering, walking to uni, falling asleep… it’s perfecto. It seems like no matter what mood I’m in, there’s a talk for every emotion?!

I thought I’d share some of my favourites for motivating myself – whether it’s in the gym, at uni, at work or even just being a social bean 😅😸 So here ya go…

  • ‘How to stop screwing yourself over’ Mel Robbins
  • ‘Stop waiting for life to happen’ Peter Sage
  • ‘Programming your mine for success’ Carrie Green
  • ‘The art of being yourself’ Caroline Mchugh
  • ‘Stop making excuses. Create your own reality’ Gary Whitehill

Please let me know if you find any good ones, I’m always on the lookout 👽 I feel like a female buddha, woman of the earth after reading them… 😋

Lots of loveeeee,

Anna xxx

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