Breaking up with my skin demons! 💀 

G’day lovies,

Todays post is the first of a mini skin series & a  little on the personal side – not in the sense that it’s deep or emotional – but more the idea of being open about my own personal flaws. I personally think this is so important, especially in a world so obsessed with the idea of bullshitty, flawless perfection.

Firstly, let me start at the beginning. Since I was little I’ve never really struggled with bad skin. The occasional pimple or a bit of redness, yas course. But, never acne. However, in the last year, break outs have become a pretty big part of my life. Affecting both my mood and ma confidence. My skin loves the heat and in hot countries it always feels and looks good, but as soon as I’m back in the UK it just goes downhill.  Anywhoooooo…. Whether my skin issues are down to stress from uni and life changes, wearing makeup, hormones or even a combination of them all… I’m desperate to get to the pore of it. Gettitt?

Before the hygiene gurus slide into my DM’s – since May of this year I haven’t worn any skin makeup when working out!! (I do wear eye makeup or else I feel like a shiny egg with hair). I also don’t ever wear foundation, primers or powder unless I’m going out in the evening. HENCE THE FRUSTRATIONAL FEELS. My skin is quite sensitive and uses any reason for a breakout – literally, I could wear concealer for 15 minutes and probably break out. I know it’s nowhere near severe acne and yes, I am able to conceal it well. However, if there’s an underlying issue I can resolve to make maself feel sexy and free, you know I’m going to try and tackle it.

Earlier this year I found out that I am actually lactose intolerant – I literally go on about it all the time, I apologise. But, regardless, if you suffer with skin problems, definitely try going dairy free for a bit! It worked wonders for my overall skin condition and appearance . I was shocked by the idea that I was ingesting growth hormones, which as a result were clogging up my poor pores and causing major skin problemos. However, it still didn’t completely solve the issue. *more Ergh-ing*

Soooooo… I had a 40 minute skin consultation at the Leeds SK:N Dermatology clinic – This is the UK’s leading skin clinic and are based all over 🤘🏼

Firstly, the consultant asked me questions with regard to my mental health – as to how it affects my confidence. This was where I realised just how huge a part of my life it has become. Whether it’s a lack of eye contact or avoiding situations, actually admitting it to another person made it feel very real.

She then put me under this freeeeaky purple light which literally highlighted the issues behind my skin. I can’t lie, results were surprising and shamefully expected!

  1. Firstly, my skin is dehydrated – I am a self confessed fiend of ze water. I don’t drink enough AT ALL. I just find it dull I can’t lie. So, as an avid google addict – I began to research everything. I found out that when your skin’s dehydrated, it’s forced to make more oil, resulting in breakouts!! ALSO, it also causes longer hangovers. If you know me, you know I’m not a fully functioning member of society until about a week after a beveragiano. I knew this before, but just chose to put it to the side, and assumed it couldn’t possibly be self inflicted. Typical indenial Anna. But, it just makes so much more sense. I am my own worst enemy 😛
  2. Secondly, sun damage. Oh lord. Now… I don’t use sunbeds… I always wear SPF 30 on holiday, but my skin is sun damaged? I didn’t even realise I could possibly get skin damage here.. in England. I’m actually embarrassed I’ve reached the age of 19 and didn’t know to use sun cream at home. She told me I should be using an SPF 50!! Who knew eyyy???

I was recommended a series of 6 salicyclic skin peels, as my skin isn’t severe enough for antibiotics. This is all well and good for celebrities with endless budgets and skin company sponsors, but the peels come to a price of £700 !!!! This was a bit upsetting for a student on a tippity tight budget… So, narrowly avoiding that and taking on board all the suggested alternatives and advice – these are the changes I’m making, and the products I’m using!

WATER. AGUA. AQUA. H2O. Apparantly I should be aiming for 3 litres at first… 3 litres. I’ve done two days of that, and I feel like a kind of bloated puffa fish, whale hybrid. But, I’m willing to do it, hehe. I’m ditching the carbonated shizz and cutting down on the caffeine… This may have to be temporary, I don’t know if I can live caffeine free.

AN EXCUSE FOR A WHOLE NEW BUNCH OF SKIN PRODUCTS – I was recommended the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix range by my GP and friends. Glycolic acid is actually found in sugar cane and helps to remove dead skin cells, lighten discoloration and reduce acne! WIN WIN. Plus, it’s on offer at Superdrug! I’ve only used it for a day and my skin already feels more fresh – plus, it smells super sweet and citrusy. Once I’ve used it for a longer period of time, I’ll deffo be reviewing!

I am also using pore removal nose strips 3 times a week, as well as SPF 50 suncream every morning. SUPER SEXXXXY.

I’ll be doing weekly reviews and updates – as not only is it beneficial for me to track my own progress, but if I can help anyone else out in the process, that’s just an added bonus. Please also let me know if you have any advice / tips! I have researched from high to low, top to bottom – everything from washing your pillows to not answering your mobile because of bacteria! But, I’m open to anything! Skin related obviously…. ;O

Lots of love,

Anna xox

P.S I will at some point upload progress pics! ✨


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