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Happy December!!! The best month of the year. Wake up, think of ChristmasWalk to Uni, think of ChristmasAlmost get hit by an Uber whilst listening to Mariah Carey, think of Christmas. Anywhoooo… this post actually isn’t Santa Claus related, but actually something a Little bit more… Yep, I’m trying to find somewhere to wittily insert the word ‘Mix’ but, it’s harder than you think… Basically, this is going to be all things Little Mix and the unveiling of their new fitness range with USA PRO! The girlband had spent around a year working with USA Pro to select prints, materials and cuts for their range. The aims were to combine fitness and fashion, whilst reflecting each of their pengaleng personalities, insane lifestyles and individual tastes!

Just days after Little Mix got their first ever number one album, I was invited to the EDITION Hotel in Soho on the 27th November! For both a dance workout wearing the girls USA PRO range, alongside a Q&A session with Little Mix themselves. To be completely honest, I was overwhelmed and felt v v v grateful to of even been considered for an invite. I got the train back to Surrey from university in Leeds, and felt a little bit nervy. Mostly about the dance workout… I can’t dance. I really can’t. But, despite my phobia, it was actually so much fun!

The dance  was taught by Claud Neto – one of the Little Mix dancers – and he was AMAZING. He made it so much fun and such a laugh. I didn’t even feel like a tit when I tried to walk like Beyonce (his words, not mine) I was wearing some items from Jesy’s range; the mesh hooded crop and the mesh leggings – Ye cannut go wrong with mesh! Honestly, the clothing is such good quality and has that sassy, dancer feel to it! Perfect for a Kanye gym sesh! After this we sat down with the Little Mix girls for an intimate Q&A. I managed to record some of the questions asked – both personal and fitness. So I thought I’d share! They were such lovely girls, very down to earth and obviously, abzolootelllly stunnin!


Who would you say is the best and the worst gym partner out of the four of you?

Perrie : Leigh-Anne’s the best

Jade: Yeah Leigh-Anne!

Leigh- Anne : Aw thanks guys!

Jade: Perry’s the worst!

Leigh-Anne – You can’t get her in the gym! But when you do, we have a good sesh!

Perrie – You say this, but you’re just trying to be nice Leigh Ann! I like just dancing and fun things like that. The gym scares me, it’s a bit intimidating! But when I go with Leigh-Ann she helps me!

Leigh-Anne: That one time…


Are you all going to be trying to stay healthy over Christmas?

All : Nooooo!

Jesy: You’ve got to be a fatty over Christmas!

Jade: Yeah exactly!

Leigh-Anne: I live near a river and it’s really scenic and stuff, so I’m going to go for walks and jogs and some bike rides!

Perrie: With the dogs!

Leigh – Anne: Yeah the dogs! So I’m going to try and do that

Perrie: I’d love to go for a jog with Hatchie (her pet pomeranian) but he doesn’t like it!

Leigh-Anne: Does he not?!

Perrie: Nah! He gets too tired!


What are your favourite items of each others USA PRO edits?

Leigh-Anne: I love Jesy’s mesh, I think it’s really cool!

Jesy: Jade I really like your red boxer like top! It reminds me of Jessica Alba Honey (2013 film!)


Jesy: Oh babe, yes

Jade: It’s so nice, just really slouchy

Perrie: Yeah everyone’s is soooo flattering, really nice!


Lastly, you’ve come under fire recently for your outfits being quite provocative, what’s your response to this?

Jesy: If people want to look up to us, then that’s amazing. But, we were never like ‘Right we’re going to be role models’, ‘we’re going to do this’. We’ll wear whatever we want to wear and if we feel comfortable in it, then that’s all that matters!

Perrie: PREACH


Thank you so much to USA PRO for letting me get involved, it was GLORIOUS DAY (Norty reference to Little Mix new album – Glory Days 😛 )

Lots of love, Anna xoxo


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