Keeping on track when eating out!

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Coming at you with something pretty relevant to the festive season! Undoubtedly, this is a month FULL of food, beveragios and lots of sweet treats! Whilst I truly believe you should never deprive yourself from the crimbo snacks and tipples, I thought I would share a few of my tips when eating out to ensure that your saucy LBD still fits by Christmas eve!

I used to be someone who would try and avoid eating in restaurants at all costs. I found it very daunting not knowing what was going into my food – sad but true! However, over the years I’ve managed to tackle this problemo through a little bit of planning, and a little bit of research! SOOOO, here are some tips for eating out that won’t leave you feeling like Santa Claus after a night of mince pie bingin’…


  1. Plan Ahead – This may sound ridiculous, but I’ll always have a little google! Not just to find out the nutritional info, but actually to check out the menu too. Most food chains post every little bit of info – from the macros, to traces of gluten/dairy!
  2. Vary up ya life, mix it up – I always think that restaurants with a range of foods e.g. Asian – always offer a lot more room for options. So, you can mix and match, rather than feeling constricted to just a fish n’ chips!
  3. Lighter Options – Most restaurant menus now feature a ‘Lighter Options’ section on their menus, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this! They might say something along the lines of ‘500 kcals or less’
  4. Your healthy basics – Your easiest and most basic healthy options are always going to be things like grilled chicken, fish and steamed vegetables! Then with this, you can put in your own little additions.
  5. Avoid the fast food restaurants – Not making a joke… Well kind of … but the fast food won’t make you go very fast. LOL, PUNNY. 
  6. Seemingly ‘healthy’ salads – Going for a salad isn’t always the healthiest option on the menu— especially if it’s a Caesar. The seemingly harmless greens can actually be full of fatty dressing and cheesy goodness (or not). I always ask for dressing on the side, or if they have any alternative dressings. Although parmesan cheese is a great source of proteins and fats, it’s not so great when piled on!
  7. Have a looksie at other customers – Have a little peek at the serving sizes of other customers food, if it looks like a lot, then maybe share it with a friend..
  8. Lighter desserts – When it comes to desserts, I love to go for something like a fruit sorbet with fresh fruit, or if they have frozen yoghurt (CHEEKY NANDOOOS) thats great as well! BUT, sometimes chocolate brownie is too good to miss, so grab two spoons and show some caring sharing.
  9. Coffee timeeee – With your post meal coffee, maybe switch up the full fat milk and ask for skimmed / almond / soya with a little sweetener! All the taste, for less!
  10. Bulk up your meal! – Perhaps substitute the side of chips for some veggies or a big salad – more nutritional bang for your buck, with less of the cals!!


Hope you find these tips a lil bit helpful! This is not some weightloss post, as I really do think food should be enjoyed, especially at Christmas! Not only does it taste lush, but is also something that can be enjoyed socially! I just thought it would be useful for those who may be trying to keep off the Christmas turkey lbs!

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  1. December 16, 2016 / 2:57 pm

    I’m dreading all the food over Christmas just got to put in that extra cardio

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