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I was struggling with what to write about for the end of this month – a bloggers block shall we say. Hehe. How professh. I’m not sure if it’s the ridic fatiguey exhaustion I’m feeling from the last few months of uni, or perhaps the prolonged hangover… Anyhow, I thought I’d write a cheeky, yet truthful post about my university ski trip; none of the white lies that you tell your nan to reassure her that you weren’t close to concussion on the slopes. No, no, no…


First of all!  I’m currently in my second year at University of Leeds. A few months back my best matey and I decided to embark on the uni’s annual winter ski trip. This year it was to Pas de la Casa in Andorra – The land of the French/Spanish hybrid language, of which I later found out was Catalan. Ignorant of me, but honestly, on a hangover it was confusing.
I have to say, it was the best week of my life. The weirdest week of my life. The most mental week of my life. Literally, mind fudgingly brilliant. Why does this sound like an Enid Blyton bladdy novel?

We started off with a 25 hour coach journey combined with a ferry ride, and you know what, it was great. Smashing actually. A bottle of wine and multiple drinking games saw me through it. The journey back however, was bloody awful. With no money left and feeling like an ingrown toenail, I was surviving off a jar of mouldy lentils whilst wearing the remains of one fake eyelash. Nightmare.



Anyway… back to the fun start!! A little bit of background info – the last time I ever set a pair of skis to slope was aged 14, I was a little rusty. However, my pal had never skied before,  and after a few missed lessons due to alcohol intoxication – she actually got kicked off the beginner lessons for being that bad. A beginner… kicked off beginner lessons… for being too… beginnery? We were like something out of a comedy sketch, honestly I wish I could of filmed it, but realistically that wouldn’t of ended well.

That didn’t stop us though. After narrowly missing out on an accidental chair lift up to a black run, we rode those green slopes to Apres in some weird type of style. It worked though, we made it and that’s what counts. At apres we brought our own bevaragios – vodka and pineapple juice – holiday staple. The music was blaring and was what some would call ‘vibey’ – shit, I sound like a pensioner. Ignore that. There was just something about being tipsy, on the top of a mountain as the sun went down, bobbing from side to side to some ABBA with a bunch of new friends, that was unbelievably refreshing.

After getting relatively boozy, it was time to make your way back down the mountain. I can safely say we always walked back down. Imagine. Skiing sober was enough of a struggle, let alone bamboozled in the dark. Luckily, the supermarket was right next to our hotel, so it was a quick stop for a cheeky top up of a litre bottle of 5 euro vodka (DUTY FREEE LIFE), pineapple juice and a bag of Doritos to savagely attack at 5am. By attack, I mean we decided to force feed them to any stranger we met on our travels home from the bar.


The nights out were by far the weirdest & messiest experiences of my pure angelic life 👀 I’m pretty sure if it was any other group of people it would of been a normal night out. Get drunk, dance, go home. Nope. Not this trip. Not Leeds Snowriders. This was like some naked brawl. I can’t really repeat some of the things that went on in the club, nor can I put pictures up – but I’ve seen enough nakedness to last me till my grandkids have grandkids. My pal (the one who got kicked off beginner skiing) managed to sprain her ankle before we’d even got to the first club, fell off the top of a bunk bed, whilst I decided to lock myself in a loo and talk to an imaginary friend until some poor lad had to climb over and help me and my ‘friend’ get out. No shame. Ok, a bit of shame.




As we’d gone on the trip virtually knowing no one, you quickly make friends on the nights out. But then comes those next day feels. I mean, are we pals now? Do I smile at you? Do we chat about how you openly cupped your manlihood right next to me? Which by the way I have on camera along with me saying the words ‘GET NAKED DOOOO IT’ !!!!! And by the high mountains above did they do it…

If you ever have the opportunity to go on these trips and you’re welcome to a pretty weird, but amazing week then I urge you to do it. I won’t lie, it’s a week where your surrounded by booze, intimate moments (keeping it PG), nakedness, some amazing ski runs, heavy hangovers, beaut scenery and making hilarious friends & memories. For me, it was also a week of no WIFI, no social media (plus no hot water or food) and I wouldn’t of changed a single thing. I’m now planning on saving for the next one, alongside a cheeky ski society trip to Amsterdam – not sure how skiing could work there, but nothing would surprise me anymore…

I realise this is different and a bit contrasting to my usual fitness/health posts – but I am still a youngen at the end of the day, and am all about living life and experiencing new things! Something I used to shy away from at first chance. Hope you enjoyed a little insight into my ski trip – PS. If you’re looking at uni’s, look no where else but Leeds. Best decision of my life.

Lots of love,

Anna xoxo


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