Aloha blog, long time no see!

Hello lovers who are mad enough to read this,

Ahhhh, seems like a long hot minute since I last wrote anything remotely ‘personal’ or non recipe related on this…


To be honest, I haven’t actually really known what to write. I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve been in such a bizarre health / confidence funk lately, it’s had me SHOOOK. I’ve been hit with this kind of overpowering feeling of being super obsessed with social media and overloading onto it. As if I’m pouring out every inch of my soul onto twitter/instagram/snapchat etc, and I was like woah. Girl. You need to chill out. I felt like everything became, well, pretty self obsessed. This is weirdly something I feel quite a lot, almost like a fear of coming across as shallow? The most bizarre thing is that I never see anyone else in this way. If I see someone posting selfies and tings, I’m like GWAAARN HUNNY U KILLIN IT. But with me I’m like ‘Wtf Anna? Again? Sriously?’

FFS. Honestly, just you wait till the day ‘Diary of an overthinker with an addiction to watermelown’  is on those Waterstones book shelves. Top best seller me thinks…

Anywhoo, we’re over it now. It was just a blip. Maybe I was just a bit hungry?



Now, onto the next ting. My health. Welllll, it seems I’ve become a lil bit of a hypochondriac in the last month. Oops. The result of being hungry again?

After continual issues with my skin, tummy and emotional feels; I took to doctors appointments, scans and blood tests. All in some desperate attempt to just have a bloody explanation, just a simple ‘Hey! Here’s a way to fix it!!!’ After neaaarly reaching the conclusion of thyroid problem (sweet lord), it turns out there’s nothing wrong. Nothing. Yeah my lady hormones aren’t partying as hard as usual, but I’m actually not dying.

Now, I should be super buzzed about this. I mean, who wants to have to depend on antibiotics for the rest of their life?! I really don’t. But some part of me just wanted to have something to treat, that would solve whatever the fudgesticks is going on with my body. Is this the hypochondriac AJH within me breaking out? I really have zerrro idea.

At the end of the day, I’ve actually been very lucky with my health. Despite my dramatic tendencies, I know there are people far worse off than me, and that’s something that is always on my mind. From experiencing family/friends with ill health, it’s something I’ll always cherish. Call me cliche, but regardless of what I look like to other people, as long as my internal body is slaying life and my relationships with ma nearest and dearest are strong. That’s all I can honestly give a dayum about.



Moving swiftly onwards… and upwards. Anna has finally located the fitness and food motive that went walkies during the Christmas period!!!

Honestly, it got to week 2 of January and I was like ‘Facking hell Anna girl, it’s not Christmas anymore, settle down’. Haha. I genuinely have such an emotional love for food, ergh. But, there is a positive, I really have no cravings for quality streets and turkey anymore. I’m pretty sure I wrecked my tastebuds with the food overload. Lols. I’m back on that eat clean train mean wagon, and it’s treating me well so far! Things are looking up lads!

No cutting calories – just good wholesome food and training consistently. You DO NOT need to cut calories to change your body. It’s as if people have been saying this for years?!? Oh wait. They have. People just seem to ignore it…

Anyways, how are you? You good? You on that ‘new year, new me’ rollercoaster, or just loving life with the prolonged new years eve hangover? Don’t laugh, I’m still not over mine. Brain fog and all. Let me know, I’m always interested 🙂

Lots of love,

Anna xoxo





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