My January Fitness Fashion Favourites – REVIEWS!

Now, before we get into this. I am most definitely not a fashion guru. In fact, I spend 99.8% of my time in the same yoga pants and black nikes. BUT! If anything, that makes me even more likely to know what I’m talking about when it comes to activewear. I’ve always been obsessed with clothes and putting outfits together, whether or not they looked good was another story…

However, I feel like I’m finally at a point in my little (but tall) life where I can voice my own opinion on current ‘trends’ and outfits, specifically in the fitness world! Personally, I dress for practicality with sass. HAHA. Seriously, just some black lycra is enough for me. Regardless, I get that a lot of people like to feel snazzy and boomboom pow, so I’m definitely trying to work on being more ‘poppy’ and neon… Bare with me. I am that girl who wears black every day, every season, every event.

In terms of inspiration, I come from a background of sporting industry entrepeneurs (snazzy word that) and gym fanatics. My dad used to bring home swimwear look books from up and coming seasons and ask me to flick through and give my opinion. Whilst my mum was fully immersed in virtually every exercise class and running group, whilst always managing to put a 10/10 outfit together?! It’s fair to say sport was always going to be a part of my life. With my own fitness fashion, I’d say I’m just as immersed in fashion bloggers and magazines, as I am with food porn and cardio routines. From Lydia Millen & getting inspo from the women wrapped up in Sweaty Betty, to obsessively watching the Vogue Youtube channel for a little spark of inspiration.

SO, here are some of my favourite fitnessy looks I’ve been sporting! (lol gettit?!) I’ve also added the links to websites and my thoughts on sizing / comfy factor / design!








Wearing: @LilybodUK leggings – COCO Shadow Luxe 59.00 – Size Large – I’m 5’9, so typically wear a size 10/12 in leggings and so a large was perfect for me!

I am honestly obsessed with these leggings – they’re like a sportilicious, fashionable and stylish bit of firm fit sexiness on your legs! So much elasticity and the high rise waistband makes them super comfy.

On the left: I paired the leggings up with an @AdidasUK women’s response long sleeved v neck black top 29.95 – size 8.

I really love this top, in fact I pretty much wear it 3/4 times a week. Washed, don’t stress. It’s made of ‘climalite’ fabric, which makes it perfect for sweaty leg days and cardio sessions. PLUS, it’s light weight and very flattering. Ya just can’t go wrong with black.

On the right: I paired the leggings up with a black @sweatybetty athlete seamless workout vest 29.00 – size small.

This top is fab if you’re looking for something lightweight, comfortable and slimming. However, it is expensive and I know @prettylittlething have their own version, of which I have put ze link below also!

  • Sweaty Betty :
  • Pretty Little Thing :



Wearing: @Topshop – Drop Armhole Tank by Ivy Park 15.00 – Size Medium

This top is my life. Honestly. I never usually wear vest style tops, as I’m this weirdo who actually doesn’t like everything out when I’m in the gym… I know it’s just my arms!!! Haha. Anywhoo. This makes me feel super beyonce sassy – a bit like a hip hop dancer who can’t dance. The only thing is, it does gape a lot at the sides, so make sure to pair it with a saucy sports bra for a bit of added luxe.


Wearing : @Tezenisofficial Port Text Vest Top 14.99 – size medium AND @Tezenisofficial Basic Gym leggings 6770 – size large

So, Tezenis the underwear store have just brought out an insane quality line of activewear, that not only looks great but is affordable too?!! The leggings have a stretch waistband for dem bloated days, but the design is like nothing else and just adds so much more to your gym look! Plus, the top says ‘POW’ on it… woah… luv it.



Wearing : @Gymshark Dry Sculpture leggings Charcoal Marl 36.00 – Size Medium AND @Gymshark

I’m pretty sure in this day and age, every man and their pet parrot know about Gymshark. However, I can proudly say I genuinely did not follow the crowd. A couple of years back I got my first pair of leggings when no one knew about them, and the obsession grew! These are my favourite of the leggings, and I actually have them in grey, black and black mesh. They’re high waisted, flexible and super comfy. For me, I found the grey actually came up smaller! So you may want to go up a size!

Gymshark DRY Sculpture Leggings – Charcoal Marl


Hope you enjoyed this little fashiony blog style thing! A lot of these were presents from family for Christmas, and are not amongst my normal budget AT ALL! I’m hoping to order some more affordable / dupe items soon, as I really don’t think you have to spend too much on gym wear to look and feel good!

Lots of love,

Anna xox

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  1. March 1, 2017 / 9:58 am

    I totally agree with you!. Plus, your choice of workout clothing is simply awesome. Those photos also look phenomenal. Props to you for putting together such an awesome post. Stay Blessed!.

    • Anna J. Hammersley
      March 1, 2017 / 2:22 pm

      Thank you!! xxx

  2. August 1, 2017 / 10:10 am

    I love gymshark Sculpture leggings for yoga and workout. Their leggings have a great flexibility that make me more comfortable while yoga.

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