Boss Bitch Books – My Top Motivational Reads!

OoOoOoO what a sassy title.

As a little girl, I’ve always been in love with reading and intrigued by the influence a few words can have on a person. Admittedly, I am a gal who feels deeply and thinks even deeper. After the realisation that I need to start getting some self belief and motivation flowing,  I decided to turn to what strikes the biggest chord within me – reading. It seems like in this day and age, a lot of people feel embarrassed to admit to liking a good ol’ read? But, honestly I BLADDY LOVE IT. It can take you away to a totally different place and just fill you with wanderlust, luuurve, humour and all kinds of emotions and information.

This month, I’ve been focusing madly on probably the most popular style of book in society today – the self help category. There is no shame in the zen life. More specifically, the idea of being an all round ‘boss lady’. Whether it’s in fashion, fitness, work, entrepreneurial culture or just everyday life. You name it, this month I’ve probably read it. And boy O boy is it changing my perception on things. Not only that, but I study Sociology at uni, so I’m basically just doing revision… am I right or am I right? (I’m probably not right) (Or am I? *whispers self confidence mantra to self*)

ANYWHOOO, here are my top 3 favourites for motivating you to be the best you that you can be. Yep, you. 

  1. You are a badass – Jen Sincero

Honestly, if you haven’t heard about this book I question your location to be under a mouldy rock. It focuses a lot on this idea of how to stop limiting our self belief, through using humorous examples and tips. A lot of it revolves around the ‘law of attraction’, which I am low key obsessed with. This idea of your ‘vibe attracting your tribe’ and how what you put into the world is ultimately what you get back. Good and positive feels = Good and positive outcomes.

Sincero gives off this ‘go out there and kick assssssss’ motto through a really simple, readable but mind blowing self improvement book. She speaks of how nothing is ever given to you on a plate, you have to hustle and work hard for what you want. Love that.

My verdict: A solid 5/5


2. Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity,  & Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur – Cara Leyba

Ok. It goes without saying that there has probably never been as much ‘gal power’ as there is today, and this book relishes in that fact. Written by life coach and blogger of ‘The Champagne Diet’, Cara Leyba not only demonstrates the sass that she’s learnt, but also the female sassiness she’s met along the way, shown through various interviews with other ‘boss ladies’ featured within the book. I love the book because it keeps that sass attitude, with a girly edge. Proving you can be girly and still be powerful AF. As someone very motivated and ambitious, this book taught me a lot about putting comparison to the side and truly working for what you want and deserve. As well as little tips and tricks, such as making connections and getting the most out of every chance.

My verdict: A saucy 4/5


3. Leave Your Mark: Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media – Aliza Licht

Lastly, and probably my favourite is this insane self improvement guide by Aliza Licht. I couldn’t of started reading it at a better time to be honest. With chapters on interviews, tips for social media presence and general motivating words, I finished this book feeling fulfilled.

I invest a lot of time into social media, not just in terms of connecting with pals and family, but also to broaden potential. LOL. Sounds insanely cringey, but I love connecting with others with similar passions, as well as learning about current social trends and advancements. Licht focuses a lot on ways to almost make yourself known, in a professional and serious way, particularly within the fashion industry!

She banishes away the interview bullshit answers and the social media facades, all while giving you in depth stories on her time as the DKNY twitter girl – who ultimately causes a twitter phenomenon! I loved the way she spoke about this concept of seeing yourself as a ‘personal brand’ and using social media to utilise this. For me, as an aspiring profesh blogger, this was something I found very helpful!

My verdict: 6.5/5 (not possible) (but do limits exist *zen* *I am the female Ghandi*)



I hope you enjoyed reading this and even give the books a go yourself! If you have any recommendations, please let me know via Instagram / Email / Twitter / Snapchat – I lurve me some self help reads!

Lots of love,

Anna xoxo

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