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Confession time:

I am a beauty snob. Especially when it comes to my huuuuurrrr care. I spend most of my life sporting a tight, pretty gross and sweaty ponytail. So, I make it my duty for my hair to feel as fresh and fleeky as possible. After years of spending ridiculous amounts of dolla dolla on hair products, I think I may of found a solution. Literally a miracle treatment! This post is in no way sponsored/paid, just me nattering on about a product I have been testing out for the last month and absolutely love. I would never promote something I don’t fully believe in or use myself! It’s the Rich and Famous Hair Oil Treatment (£17)  and I think I am addicted. Literally, ask my housemates, I’m non stop spritzing it on (you can use it on wet and dry hair! WAHOO)




So, time for a little story, because obviously I can’t do anything without making it dramatic in some way….

I just love juicy shiny locks. It’s a weird passion of mine. So, when my housemate got back from a cheeky salon trip with the most unreal, shiny and  bouncy head of hurrrr – I needed to know how and why. Immediately. Not only this, but her hair stayed that way for the next week. THE NEXT WEEK. Everyday was like a fresh bouncy blow dry, even after she’d been to the gym and cheerleading (Yeah she’s one of those all round fit chicks) (Insert eye roll emojiiiii)

I won’t lie, I was mesmerised. I managed to grab myself a bottle of the stuff, packaged up in such a cute, sleek and stylish black box. Even though I’d already washed my hair that day – it didn’t matter because it’s a hair oil for both wet and dry hair. YAS. My hair felt silky, smooth, defrizzalicious and was super shinilicious. I can honestly say it’s the best hair hair oil treatment I’ve ever tried, and for someone as addicted to hair care as myself, that’s saying something…

As words don’t always do a product justice, I have included some pictures to show my hair post gym – as the proof is in the pudding, or shall we say the curly blowdry. No we shall not, because that was super cringey to write… let alone read. Anywhoo, I had curled my hair the night before and it still kept its curl and shine after a leg workout. YISYASYASYIS.





What’s in it?

Active Ingredients

  1. Argan Oil – This is where the shine comes from. Plus, it targets and treats dry frizzy hair!
  2. Vitamin E – An antioxidant that fights to protect the hair from free radicals (free radicals can destroy hair follicles and prevent hair growth!)
  3. Coconut Oil – I love coco oil! Super moisturising!
  4. Avocado Oil – Works to strengthen and hydrate your locks!

How can you use it?

  • A daily hair treatment for all hair colours, types and hair extensions!
  • Add to conditioner to increase the condition of you hair
  • A pre shampoo treatment for the hair and scalp
  • A saucy head and scalp massage
  • An overnight conditioning treatment


One of my favourite things about the Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment is the UV protection! As Summer is coming, and I’m a dedicated sun bathing and hair electricals professional – protecting my hair from heat damage is a big deal to me. Especially after years of being a careless teen with the straighteners… So, the use of heat protecting silicons in the hair treatment is fab, and it reduces drying time!! EVERY GIRL NEEDS THIS. DO NOT LIE.  Not only this, but they’re totally non greasy and don’t weigh ya weave down!

A second favourite thing, and probably the most important,  has to be the smell – I’m a sucker for nice smelling hair. It’s one of the first things I notice about people! So, when I used this I couldn’t help but hold my hair to my nose for about 48 hours… The scent is described as ‘a natural strawberry fragrance with a diffused green leafy and fruity top note, supported by a rich juice strawberry body, sprinkled with sweet caramelised sugar’. Now, don’t tell me that doesn’t entice you… or make you slightly hungry!? Just me?

AHHHH. You need it. You just need it. You won’t regret it. So, here’s the link

One little click and you’re on your way to sexy hair eeryday, all day! Life ain’t always perfecto, but ya hair can be 😀

Lots of love,

Anna xxx













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