Taking the lunge to becoming a PT…

Firstly, excuse the poor pun. My attempt at trying to be funny is often a hit or miss situation…

Anywhoo, this weekend (7th October) I officially start my journey to becoming a personal trainer and I am so excited. Since going through my own little ‘fitness journey’ that idea of having the ability to help others with their own struggles has always been that stepping stone goal for me. I think when you’ve been there yourself, it makes you even more determined to do what you can to change others mentality and help them improve in every aspect of life. Yanno?

So I guess that’s one of the number one reasons why I want to become a PT. As well as learning a hell of a lot more of the juicy details about all things fitness, health and nutrition. I feel like if I’m going to be sharing more and more about my own personal fitty journey, I’d like to be getting ze facts as informative as possible!

So, I am taking on my Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. Essentially recognised as the ‘gold standard training course’ – jeez sounds a bit intimidating I won’t lie, but I’m buzzing to get rolling. As I work 9 – 6 on weekdays, I am starting the 10 week, weekend course with Premier Global NASM.  Who, from first impression, honestly have the most insane customer service. This isn’t sponsored whatsoever, but I’ve genuinely spent about 20 hours on the phone with them just chatting about absolutely everything (PT related btw, am not a complete weirdo) …

In their eyes, and understandably, it’s so crucial for you to really be enthusiastic about taking on a PT course, as it’s going to be a lotttta time and effort – but worth it in the end!


To start the course, you don’t need to have any previous qualifications, but you do need to be over the age of 16! Personally, I feel like that’s so young? I don’t think I even knew what a rep or a set really was. Seriously. Times are changing I tell u.

Having no personal training experience myself, the Level 3 Diploma basically creates a combo both the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. It’s a whole mix of classroom delivery, practical workshops, e-Learning and home study. Fun, Fun, Fun. Genuinely quite fun, videos and all.

Before the course starts it is really important to get on top of a little anatomy and physiology – something I shamefully haven’t touched since Biology GCSE. So already I knew this wasn’t going to be some walk in the park. Even though, personally for me I’m really not a fan of the ‘walking’, so maybe it is like taking a walk in a park. Wow, am going off on a tangent. But, baaaasically you get given access to a little ‘PT Portal’ (nice ring to it) where you can access all the home study information, as well as some interactive videos! Which are a lot more interesting to watch than just forcing yourself to read a book for hours and not absorb a single ting. So you do have to be pro active, there’s no teacher sat at home telling you to study. Ya gatta want to learn.

Like I say, I’m only just starting out – so it’s a little nerve wracking at the momento. But also all very good nerves. Stepping in a new direction! I’d really like to keep blogging about the process just as something for others to read if interested in becoming a PT, as personally I couldn’t find out a lot about the experience unless I spoke to one in person! So yaaaas, here we go. PT AJH ready and raring to go.

Probably the only human to say that they hope it’s not a walk in the park…

Lot’s of love,

Anna xxx


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  1. Joshuea Ogbuike
    October 7, 2017 / 1:05 am

    I personally also don’t like things that are a walk in the park. I’d like to earn my rewards in terms of education and self-improvement. I feel that I learn more life lessons from them and I actually remember how far I have come to get to the finish line. Anyways good luck on your PT journey and keep up with your blog it is on point.
    Josh x
    P.S. PT AJH sounds pretty lit 🔥

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