Changing my Instagram name – I know, first world problem

I feel as though this has been on my mind for literally the last few months and I know it’s so bloody petty in the great scheme of life – but let’s be real, most of social media is petty. There’s a moan and a whinge for everything, and for me it was my Instagram name. I’ve been ajhfitness for almost the last 2 years and whilst that’s fine, being called AJ or AJH can be a little demeaning. Also, things just change ya know? Deep, deep I know.

Whilst fitness is still definitely one of my biggest passions, it’s not my only passion and when I started my account I was pretty much in the depths of an addiction with being ‘fit’ – which very ironically, wasn’t healthy! Too much of anything can result in an unhealthy obsession! I don’t regret any of it though, as it’s what I love and what spurred me on to become a personal trainer and hopefully one day a nutritionist! I know, crazy life I lead. Gut health just gives me tingles.

However, after this year of being out of university on placement, being away from my uni friends and working full time I’ve realised just how much more there is to living than being up at 5am for leg day and having my night time cottage cheese. I still wake up early and eat the cheese of course, but I really believe you should do; and fall in love with so many different hobbies in life. Whether it’s taking photos, going out with your friends or even climbing trees, who knows? Whatever tickles your pickle! I found out I actually really, really like meeting new people especially in a work setting. At uni you can sometimes just stick to your group of pals and remain there, but this forced me out of my comfort zone and I loved it.

When wanting to build a social media platform you’re always told ‘YOU NEED A NICHE, IF UR DOING FITNESS POST ONLY FITNESS’ and for so long I followed this. Never sharing anything more than my meals, a gym selfie and an attempt at a constructive yet lighthearted caption. But as a very expressive person, it’s slowly suffocated me (lol dramatic) and as a result I stopped sharing as much and stopped enjoying it.

So I’ve finally decided to make the change to using my actual real life name – Anna. Not Annie, Ann, Anay or AJ. Just Anna. My content will forever be the same, I could never leave my rambles and love for fitness behind. Butt (peach emoji) it just means I’m able to share a little bit more me. For so long I’ve wanted to do this, but felt like people would just go off me if I didn’t have fitness in my name. What a mad thought?! That’s an overthinking mind for ya haha.

I am honestly so excited for the next stage of my life I won’t lie, not just on Instagram, but real life too. I often come across super bubbly and positive, but there have been so many moments where I am anything but and I think it’s so crucial to show that side to social media too. So if I’m not all happy chappy, I will talk about it because that’s me. I would never talk negatively about anyone else because I’m just not that person – but if I’m having a shitty day, we can chat about it 🙂

I hope you also enjoy what’s to come – it should be fun!



Love Anna (not Ann)


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