Am I OK to talk about losing weight?

This could totally be something I’ve only picked up on… but does anyone else feel a slight twinge of guilt when they mention nowadays that they’re trying to lose weight? Back in the day getting leaner, dropping pounds and feeling your body get ‘tighter’ was just another passing comment or another caption – nothing more, nothing less. Most fitness accounts, magazine articles and supplement companies are wholly based off this idea of everyone wanting to lose weight and naturally, most of us have fallen down that hole at least once – in my case it used to be about 48 times a year. Oh Anna you silly nugget x

But one thing that’s caught my overthinky eye is this ‘gains’ trend – gaining weight, gaining muscle, gaining a bum, gaining, gaining, gaining. It’s been around forever, however in the past it was usually just a group of lads talking about growing their arms and getting pumped. Now, everyone loves it! Don’t get me wrong, I love it! What’s better than embracing the food, the heavier weights and getting stronger?! My only little negative niggle is my newfound reluctancy to talk about wanting to lose body fat or ‘summer shred’ as Mr Guzman would call it. Not because I’m ashamed, but in case people think I don’t like myself or that I think I’m overweight. I don’t! I love to set myself goals within the gym, and yes, often they are both strength and looks wise. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that if it’s coming from a positive mindset where you’re already content with what you have. Self love doesn’t mean you can’t want to work on yourself, it’s just another element of it! I also don’t think being your lowest weight is your best self, whatsoever. Pleeease hear me out on that. Your best self is the self you see in the mirror and feel the most confident in. Regardless of how you look or the number on the scale.

I feel as though TV programmes like Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body, My Fat Family (did anyone ever see that?!) and Biggest Loser USA, have implanted this idea that wanting to lose body fat has to come from some sob story. And to be honest with you, a lot of the time it does. For me, I started my ‘fitness journey’ purely wanting to lose weight. No real care for my health, just a need to be smaller version of myself. But now I’ve reached a place in my life where I know, whilst wanting to lose a bit of body fat, I would never unhealthily restrict myself of food, miss out on life events to look a particular way and definitely never change  my bod for another person’s satisfaction than my own. No thank u senorita. 

SO, as I do genuinely feel it’s OK to talk about wanting to lose body fat –  when done in a healthy, sustainable way – I feel comfortable in sharing a few of the changes I’ve always made when wanting to lose a little body fat. I know what works for my body and I’m taking this slow! No crash diets and absolutely no pressure on myself. I don’t weigh myself anymore, but a month in my clothes feel looser, I feel more confident and I’m just enjoying the process!

They’re honestly the smallest of changes, but to quote the main man Mr Steve Jobs:

“Start small, think big. Don’t worry about too many things at once. Take a handful of simple things to begin with'”

What a legend 🙂


My tips for fat loss and what works for MY body (emphasis on my)

  • Taking the stairs –  Always. Just do it. Be thankful for your lovely leggies.
  • Water – I know, what a basic bit*h comment, but the difference in feeling full throughout the day is life changing. Dramatic, yet so very true.
  • Veg, veg and more veg – Stack your plate high, chop your way through life, spiralize that courgette. The amount of food you can have for so few calories yet get such high nutritious gold stars is UNREAL.
  • Up the protein – Especially when exercising intensely! It reduces your hunger levels, keeps you satisfied for longer and gives your metabolism a boot up the bum. I have protein at every single meal – breakfast is oats with protein, snacks are often protein shakes / yoghurt / mini tuna salads and my meals are made up of a 3 mix of fats, carbs and protein. Never neglect ze proteen!
  • Alcohol – I only drink gin & tonic if I’m honest, so I just have slim tonic. Simples.
  • Cardio – Sorry to be a bore, but change is sometimes uncomfortable… and may be in the form of a treadmill. For me, I stick to my 3 sessions a week: one is a 30 minute high intensity sweaty stairclimb at the end of an upper body workout, 10 minutes of interval sprints at the end of a leg day and then one of Kayla Itsine’s leg day workout circuits as HIIT.
  • Random exercise – What I mean by this is increasing the exercise you don’t even really notice. The dog walks, walking to the post box rather than driving, joining your mum at pilates, stretching in the morning or even dancing in your undies for 15 mins each evening. It all counts!
  • Tracking – I left this last as I know it’s a touchy subject… but yes, when trying to lose fat I do track my food. Not really my fats or carbs, but I want to know I’m hitting my protein goal – my bebe muscles work hard and they deserve all the food they can get. I’m still learning with nutrition and I do find knowing what I’m eating to be huuugely helpful. It’s not for everyone and you can definitely always see results without, it’s just what I like to do 🙂

I hope this was insightful and not taken as just another stupid fitness gal trying to get shredded, am just trying to share the juicy fruits of meh brain. That is all.

Lots of love,

Anna x


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