My biggest mistakes growing up

I feel like growing up is just one of the craziest things, like you don’t really have any idea what you’re doing, who you are and what you want to do. So you kind of just flow with it? Stood in front of the mirror last night I was observing my uneven eyebrows. I know, fascinating. When I was 15 I thought the most obvious route to fleeky brows was grabbing the razor and going in for the attack… and I guess I ended up shaving off a whole half brow. Leaving me with forever uneven brows and looking like I was constantly just curious. Oops.

They’re not that bad I swear! But it takes some time and brow magic to make them at least look like cousins. Let alone twins… but it got me thinking about other mistakes I’ve made growing up, both deep and lighthearted. Everyone makes mistakes in life, it’s just natural human existence – I’ve made so many I’ve quite literally lost count. But I don’t think I could ever change them or I wouldn’t be the person I am now, and I actually quite like her. Sometimes she can be slightly annoying but what can ya do?

I thought I would note down my five greatest mistakes throughout the years and what I’ve learnt from them, maybe you’ll find them constructive… maybe you’ll find it comforting you’re not the only one 🙂


The bleach. The bloody bleach. When I was 16 it was that super cool Tumblr, dip dye phase and lord knows I wanted to get involved. It was summer and all I could think about was getting blue hair, so I went out bought some bleach and dye and set up station at home. I ended up bleaching the ends of my hair and becoming totally addicted to some saucy white hair ends. When summer ended I had to have half my hair cut off, and I can safely say it’s grown uneven ever since.

What did I learn? Never make permanent changes to your hair, you will regret it. You will want to change it again. It will never grow back the same. Stay safe out there.


Real life image of me mixing up the bleach as a young bean…


That nose piercing. I’ve honestly mentally blocked this day out of my life because it genuinely pains me. In all seriousness, what the hell was I thinking aged 16. I WISH I HAD A PHOTO! Did everyone else have this phase of life? I’d just finished my Gcse’s and was on some mad YOLO stage – this was literally the year YOLO became a thing and I clearly made it my mission to fulfil all my life ambitions. So I stepped into that piercing shop on a nice hot summers day and left with a nose piercing the size of a bauble. Tragic. JUST tragic. My mum’s face when I got home that day was like nothing I’d seen before, she was actually emotionally distraught. Safe to say I whipped that bauble out of my shnoz asap.

What did I learn? I’m not very edgy, I can’t pull it off. Must avoid facial decoration at all costs.


Some people genuinely don’t have the good in them. Oh how emotional I am. But this is a huge mistake on my behalf. I’ve gone through a lot of my life naively only seeing the good in people and assuming no one would ever want to hurt someone else for no reason. Fun fact – it happens. You don’t know why, may never know, but it happens. Aw bebe Anna x

What did I learn? Value your privacy and be wary of letting certain people in. You can be open, honest and real – but just understand that not everyone has your best interest at heart. Deeper than the atlantic I am x


1200 calories. If I could go back to the 13 year old me and stop her before she filled out that stupid calorie calculator, I would jump at the opportunity. Going on my first diet so young really fills me with a lot of poo poo emotions, it set me up for years of weird feels around food and my body image. Feels I still try to combat even now. For some reason, 1200 calories was always this holy number to live by, go over by 50 you’re a failure. As if there isn’t enough pressure as a prepubescent teen! Jeez am trying to keep Nintendogs alive too.




Wasting time. I wish I could go back to the self conscious younger me and tell her to go live her life a little more. Stop hiding away in your bedroom, hiding in the bathroom and being scared to put yourself out there. Rejection, down moments and criticisms are always going to come – no matter who you are and how safe you try to make yourself. No one is immune to negativity! You may as well make the most of the life you live and all the amazing things that come with it. Life is truly what you make it – what you give out, you receive back. Always.

What did I learn? Don’t waste away your life in fear. Always go out for a drink if you want one, go skinny dipping, go to festivals, go on dates, make the most of living with your best friends, dance, believe in weird things like the law of attraction because I swear down – it’s the real deal. AND HAVE FUN.


Me in my prime






That video. No, not that type of video. I am a saint. But when I was 11 I had my first crush, so of course I thought it only natural to grab a friend and film ourselves singing the ‘I waaaant candy’ song on webcam. Sweet, right? Only we changed the word candy to the name of the boy we fancied… and uploaded it straight onto Facebook.

Savage. Just savage.

What did I learn? Everyone sees everything on social media and if they didn’t see it, their mum did. Don’t upload anything you wouldn’t a mum to see.


Hope you enjoyed this random little post! Reflective thoughts are sometimes the biggest refreshing of the brain, I seriously recommend jotting down a few things from time to time just to clean up your mind a little and see how far you’ve come. Aw, so sentimental I am…


Have a really lovely day,

Love Anna x


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