Two weeks and 1500g of nut butter…

Hey hey happy Sunday,

Thought it might be nice to introduce a little weekly chat about random shizzle, just because I find it quite releasing to write things down. I apologise in advance if you think I’m chatting absolute rubbish…

Ok, so I’m quite an emotional person. Not in the sense that I cry for hours about stuff (i do sometimes) but I feeeel emotion deep in my soul. This week I watched ‘Love and Other Drugs’ for the first time, and I swear I felt my heart actually pain a little. Like a legitimate pain. I just wanted to throw that piece of information out there if you haven’t seen it. Watch it, like now. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is quite lovely.

I also had quite a telling off this week… my cousin found out I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and haven’t even completed one series of Friends. I feel a little ashamed, and almost like I missed out on key female survival skills? So, I’ve made it my mission to tackle Netflix series by series. I really struggle to sit down and follow a series unless it’s a thriller. I get bored easily, but I’ll try ok!

Moving away from the lovey dovey stuff, I have been in a weird little funk this week with my current attempt at cutting down body fat. Boo hoo, first world problem – I know! But you know when you feel like you’re trying really hard but not seeing unreal abtastic results asap, you get sassy? That’s me. I always thought I was such a patient person, but I’m really not. Oops. I am seeing changes in my body, waist coming in a little, arms a little tighter etc etc. But I’m always going to be that gal who drinks a protein shake, does a few squats and expects to see 6 abs staring back at her in the mirror. Haha, I know it’s not realistic, but one can dream.

On the upside, cardio has me buzzing like a bumble bee. Admittedly, I’ve always been into it. It gives me so much mental relief. I’ve found I really like to walk or climb out of my anxious moments. The other morning I woke up in a shitty mental state and quite literally had to drag myself into the gym and onto the treadmill. It took me a steady 20 minutes to actually feel human, but once that part was over I just felt so good in myself. Endorphins whooshing and things felt a little clearer. When I weight train, yeah I feel good, but I don’t always feel nice, if that makes sense? I feel strong and powerful, but not always the calmest! Steady state cardio has become my therapy, just 30 minutes of a little incline walk leaves me feeling so much happier. Aw.

I also caught up with old gal pals this week from secondary school and it was probably some of the loveliest couple of hours I’ve had in a while. Naturally, since being 16 a lot goes on in your life. Shit times, fun times, weird times, you get the jist. But just reflecting on our teen selves was just so bloody nice. HAHA I make myself sound like I’m quivering in my elderly home… I’m literally 21 going on 87 with 3 grandkiddies! But I just loved seeing them. Turns out we’d all blocked out a lot of our year 11 memories – the parties, the internet relationships that never went beyond MSN and the realisation we most definitely had our bitchy moments.

This year I’ve actually rekindled so many past friendships. Sometimes I think just because a friendship loses its fire, or leaves your life, that doesn’t mean it won’t one day come back. The world works in weird ways and sometimes those who are meant to be in your life will gravitate back to you. No matter how far they wander! I know I sound very spiritual but I really do think this has so much truth to it. My favourite are those moments when you’ve just reunited with someone and it’s almost as if nothing has changed. I just love it.

Finally, before I ramble my life away. I’ve developed an intense love for peanut butter. In the last two weeks I’ve gone through 1,500g worth of the stuff. Some was in recipes, but that was only a tiny amount. IKNOWIHAVEAPROBLEM. I am such an addict to being addicted its an issue. I’ve finished all the pots now so hopefully things are on the up… but I fear someone may buy me some and I’ll have no other choice but to comply to the cravings. Some things just can’t be helped ok!!

Anyway, less about me. How are you? All ok? Any plans for this week?

Gosh am so selfish sometimes.

Haha – love and peace

Anna xxx


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