Hey hey! Welcome to my little corner of the web. My name’s Anna, I’m 20 years old and from a little village in the South East of England. Sounds a bit like a Tinder bio, but here we are…

A little bit about me: I’m a fully qualified personal trainer currently studying Sociology at the University of Leeds, the best uni ever. Without a doubt! However I am on a placement year working in the crazy world of PR!

In my first year of uni, I discovered my love for writing, outside of the classroom. I always loved English but analysing poetry just wasn’t my thing. So, I began to blog about all things mental health, beauty and a teeny bit about my passion for food.

That first semester of uni, my life was maddddnesss – a whole new world full of alcohol and being in a whole new social world with not one familiar face. That being said, I loved it. Every second. WOW I wish I could go back.

However, at this time, my relationships elsewhere were not so great. I was barely eating and the gym was slowly becoming a myth. My thoughts around my body were so negative and I was becoming extremely unfit… and as a member of the netball team, this was a no go.

So, I began to educate myself on all things health and fitness – watching every Youtube video, reading books and religiously absorbing Ted talks. I woke myself up at 5.30am everyday to get my full workout in before hitting the library, something I realise probably wasn’t necessary as a first year… but it gave me that drive!

Since then, I continued to track and share my every flowing fitness journey via Instagram @annahammersley. It was something that started out as purely personal and almost, a selfish thing; but has now led me to get my personal training qualification and want to share anything and everything to make you feel better, fall in love with the gym, food and most of all, really appreciate yourself. You can have the best bod in the world, but if you aren’t truly happy, the physical exterior means nothing – something I try to express daily.


I really hope you enjoy the recipes, fitness tips, beauty bites and random, yet rambly posts that pop up on here!


All my love,

Anna x




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