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There is nothing more important than finding happiness in yourself and your skin.


I am the first to admit that there was a time where I really did feel so uncomfy in my own skin and body. Coming out of sixth form and into university I was your typical cardio obsessed, food restricting fanatic. This ultimately affected my health, metabolism, wellbeing and the way I saw life. My anxieties around social situations were at their highest and I’d had enough. After endless research and qualifying as a Level 3 trainer, I realised just how wrong I was in my approach to health and fitness.

It wasn’t until I forced myself into that little corner of the weights section and realised that carbs were NOT the enemy, that I fell in love with absolutely all of it. It went against everything I thought I knew! All those years of thinking weights and protein shakes made you bulky and manly were stripped away and I began to see my body change in ways I had been trying to achieve from cardio for so bloody long! I was beginning to build muscle and lose fat; but I was eating more food than I’ve ever done. Not only that, but my energy levels were soaring and I just felt so much more positive.

Even now, after qualifying as a trainer, I still spend hours studying everything from the bacteria in your gut, to high intensity functional training! It’s endless. I was beyond shocked just to see how important nutrition really is, it truly is 80% the kitchen and 20% the gym! I believe with your diet, the key is balance. It sounds like a cliche, but it is SO true. 

Now It’s Your Go!

My goal for you, is to become more the most confident version of yourself. Life isn’t about looking a certain way or trying to impress other people. It is about being happy within yourself Setting your own goals and smashing them. Being confident in your own skin and not letting anyone else control your happiness!

No matter where you are in life, or what your current circumstances are, I want to show you that your goals are achievable. Whether you’ve just started university or are working full time – you can do it.

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Love, Anna x